Dead, but Not for Long by Matthew Kinney and Lesa Anders

When the first outbreaks occurred, the reports were quickly stifled. By the time the dead began to walk in Lansing, Michigan, it was already too late to stop the plague.

In the heart of the city, a child with cancer and her caretaker risk their lives to help a security guard and a nurse secure an old hospital.

As the survivors struggle to stay alive, the grid begins to fail.

All the while, the dead fight to get inside.

* * *

As the world crumbles around them, Keith, Lindsey, Jack and a handful of other hospital employees fight to keep their patients alive. Will they work together and become a community or will it all fall apart as different personalities collide?

There is Eric Wapowski, the hospital security guard who is more of a hindrance than a help; Dr. Doune, brain surgeon and sociopath, who has been tasked with the job of researching the plague; and Autumn McAllister, a nine-year-old cancer patient who is old beyond her years.

When Snake and his gang of bikers find out about the hospital, will they want it for themselves? As the city is left to burn, will those that stay be able to make a stand against the ever-growing legion of dead closing in on them?

Dead, but Not for Long is sometimes dark, but there are moments of levity and a message of hope as well as a few surprises along the way. It is not a book about skilled fighters with state-of-the-art weapons, but ordinary people thrust into the darkest of circumstances.

What will they do to stay alive?

Contamination Boxed Set (Books 0-3 in the series) by T.W. Piperbrook

* Contamination Zero (AVAILABLE FREE
* Contamination 1: The Onset
* Contamination 2: Crossroads
* Contamination 3: Wasteland

ABOUT CONTAMINATION: The infection has begun, ravaging the American Southwest and leaving chaos in its wake. In this new world, there will be no last meal, no dying wish. The only reward left is to survive another day…

Demise of the Living (The Dead) by Iain McKinnon

The world is infected. The dead are reanimating and attacking the living. In a city being overrun with ravenous corpses people find safety where they can. A disparate group of strangers drawn together by chance seek sanctuary from the carnage outside in an empty office block. Besieged by an army of walking dead and with little hope of rescue the group must learn to work together if they are going to survive. But for how long can the barricades hold back the ever increasing hordes of undead? How long before the food runs out? How long before those who were bitten succumb to the infection? And how long before they realise that the dead outside are the least of their fears?

Aftermath (Invasion of the Dead, BOOK 1) by Owen Baillie

The complete novel, including Part 1, previously available on – now edited by Monique Happy Editorial Services.

Australia … a huge, sprawling land filled with danger … but nothing as dangerous as this …
Deep beneath defense headquarters in the Australian Capital Territory, the last ranking Army chief considers the collapse of his country, and the contingency plan to win it back.

One hundred and fifty miles away, five friends returning from a month-long camping trip slowly discover that the world has turned horribly wrong, that a virus has ravaged the entire east coast of Australia. The dead now walk the land, seeking flesh and blood. Armed with dwindling ammunition, the friends must overcome their differences, utilize their individual skills, and face horrors they never imagined … but not all zombies are the same …

What will they find if they can all reach their hometown? Will their families or friends have survived? What twists and turns will the group encounter, and what life-threatening decisions will they face?

Their personalities and agendas will conflict, as each fights for their place in this new world, a world unlike anything they could have imagined …

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo

Currently in development with Illuminandi Media
Late Fall – 2010

Reuters – Estimates say that nearly three thousand people nationwide, and fifteen thousand people worldwide have died of the H1N1 virus or Swine flu and nearly eighty thousand cases have been confirmed in hospitals and clinics across the United States and the world, the World Heath Organization reported. The influenza pandemic of 2010, while not nearly as prolific as the one that raged in 1918 still has citizens around the world in a near state of panic.

New York Post (Headlines October 31st) – Beware! Children Carry Germs! – Halloween Canceled!

New York Times – (Headlines November 3rd) – Swine flu claims latest victim – Vice President surrounded by family and friends at the end.

Boston Globe – (Headlines November 28th) – Swine Flu Vaccinations Coming!

Boston Herald – (Headlines December 6th) – Shots in Short Supply – Lines Long!

National Enquirer – (Headlines December 7th) – The Dead Walk!

There would be no more headlines.

It started in a lab at the CDC (Center for Disease Control), virologists were so relieved to finally have an effective vaccination against the virulent swine flu. Pressure to come up with something had come from the highest office in the land. In an attempt at speed the virologists had made two mistakes, first they used a live virus and second they didn’t properly test for side effects. Within days hundreds of thousands of vaccinations shipped across the US and the world. People lined up for the shots, like they were waiting in line for concert tickets. Fights broke out in drugstores as fearful throngs tried their best to get one of the limited shots. Within days the CDC knew something was wrong. Between 4 and 7 hours of receiving the shot roughly 95% succumbed to the active H1N1 virus in the vaccination. More unfortunate than the death of the infected was the added side effect of reanimation, it would be a decade before scientists were able to ascertain how that happened. The panic that followed couldn’t be measured. Loved ones did what loved ones always do, they tried to comfort, their kids or their spouses or their siblings, but what came back was not human not even remotely. Those people that survived their first encounter with these monstrosities usually did not come through unscathed, if bitten they had fewer than 6 hours of humanity left, the clock was ticking. During the first few hysteria ridden days of The Coming as it has become known, many thought the virus was airborne, luckily that was not the case or nobody would have survived. It was a dark time in human history. One from which we may never be able to pull ourselves out of the ashes from.

The Dead Ground: A Zombie Novel by Robert E. Dunn

Duke Blevins returns home after two tours of duty in Afghanistan to a farm with nothing growing, a truck up on blocks in a yard full of weeds, and a house barely standing. Everything is just how he likes it. Things couldn’t be better for the new civilian… until the dead begin rising from his land.

Almost as desperate to contain the dead as they are to keep black helicopters and FEMA out of their hills, a beer fuelled army of country boys in pickup trucks rush into the night even as word of the crisis sparks government action. What seemed straight forward at first, destroy the spreading hoard of flesh eating corpses, becomes a battle against an immortal evil.

In farm fields and wild Ozarks woodlands, in a rowdy roadhouse and through subterranean passage ways that lead to interstellar nightmares, good old boys and domestic beer are all that stand between the world and a plague of walking dead.

Survival Instinct: A Zombie Novel by Kristal Stittle

On the surface, the city of Leighton is just like any other city: tall buildings, busy streets, and populated by a wide variety of people. It also has rats. These vermin are unlike the average pest, because they are carrying a deadly contagion. Havoc ensues as the devastating virus seeps into the unsuspecting populace, turning friends and family against each other. Atrocities of savage behaviour are spreading faster than people can outrun, and the citizens get recklessly desperate. Whether by joining forces, or by standing alone, survival is on everyone’s mind. Unfortunately, not everyone will escape with their life.

Cold Faith and Zombies: A Novel by Sean Thomas Fisher

When the power goes out it doesn’t take long for the walking dead to go from CNN to Paul’s front door. With his wife, Sophia, and trusty friend, Dan, at his side Paul gets them guns, a siphon-kit and a plan to head south, because if the rotting corpses don’t get them, the freezing Iowa temps will.

Overnight, Paul goes from the unemployment line to the front line in a battle against darkness. However, his swelling confidence quickly propels them towards tragedy, putting his faith to the ultimate test while the fate of others hangs in the balance.

Praise for Cold Faith and Zombies:

“A dazzling masterpiece from beginning to end,” writes the dude from the Donut Hut down the street from Sean’s house.

“I haven’t cried like that since I watched The Lion King!” says Sean’s 9 yr-old niece, Madison.

“Something’s wrong with him…” — Sean’s mom.

About the Author:

Sean Thomas Fisher was born and raised in the eerie town of Des Moines, Iowa and graduated from The University of Iowa. He is also the author of the gripping novel – Floodwater Zombies.

If you are reading this, you are the resistance…

Claire and the Apocalypse: A Zombie Horror Story for Young Adults by Kirsten Buck

Who wakes up prepared for a zombie apocalypse? Claire didn’t. With her whole family dead and only one friend left alive, she prepares to hole up and wait for the army to kill the undead.
Warning: This ebook has graphic and disturbing images. Adults should read carefully before allowing a minor in their care to read this story.
Here is a preview:
I couldn’t find any holsters, so I managed to make one of my own that did the trick. They weren’t eye appealing, but I don’t think the zombie fashion police would give me a ticket. My plan was pretty simple, I would drag my family’s bodies into the cellar, make me a snack, pack some road treats and head out to get Melvin. When I grabbed him, we would head back to my place (after we searched his house for things we might need) and hold up at my house until the army killed the rotting flesh eating biters!
I was ready to head out into the streets. My belly was full, I was locked and loaded and wasn’t scared at all. I opened my front door and counted to ten before I went into the street.

Zombies VS Bikers by Bart Gnarly

This book contains two great stories about Zombies battling with Bikers and other groups in a Post Apocalyptic world.

The Dead Jesters are an aptly named motorcycle club with only ten or so members left at the time of our story which is about seven months after the green light bathing the Earth brought the dead crawling back to life as zombies. The group has been travelling across America on their Harleys taking what they need but keeping a good pace because of the rumored salvation in a small seaside town in southern Florida. The Jesters must kill zombies and fight off other humans along the way. The rumor is that a mass exodus will be taking place featuring hundreds of ships. We’re talking boats of any kind, loaded with supplies, hoping to find a way to survive on the sea while the zombies continue to decompose and die off since a large chunk of the living population will be off the country and unavailable as zombie food.

The Eight Horsemen
This is a very tough and well armed biker gang that battles hundreds of zombies along side with another town of survivors. They fight hard and party even harder while trying to find refuge in a zombie infested America.